Horse “hoof, Ma Bao” The horseshoe is the cuticle cut off when the horseshoe is nailed.

Horseshoe nails, horse treasures, and horse milk are all used in medicine.

  Sexual horseshoe: sweet, flat, non-toxic.

Horse milk: sweet, warm, non-toxic.

Ma Bao: Gan, salty, flat, non-toxic.

  Horse milk: sugar, vitamin A, B, niacin, protein, aunt, etc.

  Functional hoof nails to stop bleeding and stop banding.

Ma Bao was shocked.

Horse milk cures thirst.

  [妇女月经过多,带下不止]  马蹄甲烧存性研细末,每服6克,一日2次,米汤送下。  [Diabetes, hunger and good hunger horse milk 2-3 cups, take 2-3 times a day.

  [小儿癫痫,妇女癔病、惊厥]  马宝1-2分(小儿酌减),研细末,一日2-3次,凉开水送服。