Five Steps to Yoga Meditation

Five Steps to Yoga Meditation

Five Steps to Yoga Meditation

Meditation, also known as the first method of yoga meditation practice, is very beneficial for the health of heart disease.

Indian literature records: “Meditation meditation can reduce body pain, confusion, paralysis and other diseases; meditation for a long time can reduce delusions, calm meditation, and reduce worries or ignorance.

  Yoga meditation or meditation sitting on it requires five steps of adjustment: First, adjust the diet: The body and diet have very important related activities. If the diet is not adjusted well, it will easily affect the body’s peace of mind. When we eat, we pass foodChew, enter the stomach to reconcile digestion, and turn into nourishment to the body. Various types of nutrition essence are converted into blood for whole body use. Therefore, diet and the body of life have an inseparable relationship.

  However, food should not be too much, that is, do not eat too full. Those who are full make dialysis unsuitable for digestion, which often increases the function of gastrointestinal function and fatigue. It is not easy to absorb the essence, but is excreted outside the body. Such people are called greedy., The delicious diet makes the sensory cells excited too much, and the body is often lazy and relaxed after fullness. This is the fatigue caused by increasing intake and doubling work. The result of this fatigue is that the body is full of air, and the air is full of impetuousness, causingThe body is so hot that it is difficult to sit quietly; but too little diet and insufficient nutrition can cause weakness and weakness, and it is difficult to achieve meditation.

Therefore, we say that moderate diet is best when adjusting the diet.
  Second, adjust sleep: People live and work, do physical and physical strength, can not do without rest time, the purpose of sleep is to restore the body’s physical strength and spirit, so rest well.

We all know that in normal sleep, eight hours is appropriate. The ancients said, “Long lying hurts, but less lying hurts.” Too much sleep is mentally ambiguous, which is not conducive to meditation. If you sleep too little, you will not be able to recover your energy.Should not sit still.

Therefore, sleep should be controlled modestly. When we are clear-minded and refreshed, we can sit and meditate, with rich results.

  Third, turn around: Before sitting still, in our four rules of sitting, sitting and lying, we must always maintain a quiet and peaceful mentality, and always keep in mind the first of the eight branches of yoga: moral respect, there must be no rough and uneasyActs, rough and disturbing behaviors are not good for themselves, and they are not corresponding to the environment. The situation is rough, and the mind is frivolous.

  When you sit still, you must undress and unwind. (The cushion must be one or two inches higher than the back cushion.) You can sit comfortably on your legs, legs or double plates, or a single plate, choose your own, then put your hands, and put the back of your right palm on the left palm., On the contrary,}, close to the abdomen, gently put on the root of the leg; then shake the leg four or five times to relax and reconcile, and then straighten the body shape, do not straighten the spine, light and natural, the neck is dignified, not low or notAng; the nose is opposite the umbilical cord {belly} like a vertical line; start breathing and vomiting three to seven times of gas accumulation in the abdomen, put the tongue against the forehead, slowly breathe in through the nose, close your eyes gently, sit for a long time or feel your bodyThere is pitch tilt, which can be corrected at any time (the sitting time is based on his ability).

  4. Breathing: Breathing in and out of the nose is called breathing. Breathing is called breathing.

The most important task of meditation is to adjust the breath.

  Breath has morphology: 1.

Laryngeal breathing: Hou head breathing. This breathing is the shortest and shortest. It only comes in and out of the throat. It cannot exert the power of lung leaf contraction. Therefore, it cannot reach the functions of oxygen and carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide. The blood circulation cannot be excellent.It is an adverse effect and therefore needs to be changed.


Thoracic breathing: This is slightly better than the laryngeal chakra. The gas can reach the chest and fill the lungs. It is usually broadcast in gymnastics. Women also often use this breathing, and they can do this breathing, which is not considered to be breath regulation.


Abdominal breathing: one breath and one breath, the gas can reach the abdominal {umbilical wheel, and the air fills the human lungs during inhalation, the lungs are relaxed and expanded, and the diaphragm muscles are depressed.When exhaling, the abdomen tightens, and the diaphragm muscles are pushed up against the lungs, making the turbid air in the lungs try to disperse. This is regarded as meditation, which can effectively adjust the body’s relaxation.

Learners should also pay attention to: the breathing should not be deliberate or forced, the nasal breath is light and deep, and it naturally reaches the abdomen, even the ears do not smell the income sound. The breathing is from thick to fine, fine to fine.Slightly fine to the suspension and finally into the rest phase.


Breathing: This breath can be achieved by those with deep meditation skills. The breath can not be meticulously detailed. I do n’t know whether to breathe. If there is no breath, there is often an organ function, but it is consciously used.The quickest speed is extreme, but one can deeply set five, adjust the heart: the heart has the true heart and delusion, the true heart is the body of the heart, the delusion is the illusory effect of the heart.

Since we were born, we have been obsessed with sincerity, and have been deliberately using our minds, thinking, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind, and mind.

  When we sit still, we can have two kinds of mental images: one is that our hearts are scattered and supportive; the other is that our hearts are dim and easy to sleep.

To treat the disorder, we must put down everything in our hearts, see the body is also a foreign object, leave it alone, and concentrate on the buzzing sound in the lower abdomen.

To treat coma, you must lift your heart, pay attention to the nose, and cheer up your spirit; or sit up and sit again; or practice the concept of number and rest, from one to ten, counting to no chaos, interdependent, dense, and faintDivide by two.

  Generally speaking, the experience of the mind is divided into five levels: the first is to distract the mind and transform the outside world.

Second, a drowsy heart, faint and drowsy.

Third, restlessness is more disturbed than stability.

Fourth, one mind, one mind can stay in one place.

Fifth, centering, heart shape clear.

The latter two are phenomena derived from practicing yoga.

  After the above five situations are adjusted, you can calmly enter your state of special meditation or meditation.