Pain may be caused by 6 causes

Pain may be caused by 6 causes

Pain may be caused by 6 causes

Introduction: Many people in life often yell for physical pain, then do you know the causes of pain?

Chinese medicine reminds that pain is caused by six reasons!

  Causes of pain 1: Not enough to make the sleeping body secrete growth hormone to relieve pain during sleep. A study in Sleep magazine found that people with long-term insomnia are three times more likely to suffer from chronic pain than others.

Experts recommended the “3-2” fast sleep technique: first listen to three sounds (such as air conditioning, breathing, etc.), then imagine looking at something (such as blue sky, grass), then try to feel something(such as soft quilts, clothes, etc.).

Next, listen, see and feel two things, and finally until a thing, repeat several times, and slowly fall asleep.

  Causes of pain 2: The poorly sitting wrists are always on the keyboard, the chair has no back support, and the difficulty of touching the ground with both feet can cause muscle pain.

The office area can be adjusted as follows: Stick a note on the computer monitor to remind yourself to relax your shoulders often.

Essentially, the display should be below the line of sight to prevent retinal muscle tone.

Again, the wrists and elbows should have something to support, and when the arms are bent, the keyboard and body should remain far away.

Finally, reduce the 90 degree bend and put something on the foot when you can’t touch the ground.

  Causes of pain 3: Improper use of the phone often put the phone clip between the top and the ear, which can cause headaches and headaches, and lead to an extended tingling sensation, while excessive texting leads to finger tendonitis.

When you call, try to try your headphones. When you send a text message, try to use your fingers.

  Causes of pain 4: People who are too lonely around are prone to depression, and depression causes physical pain.

Try to communicate with friends as much as possible and participate in social activities.

  Causes of pain 5: Repression of anger is always a smoldering can cause back pain. The study found that people who suppress anger are nervous in the spine, chin is tight or breathing is shallow, you can find a private space to release anger and relieve muscle tension.

  Cause of pain 6: The troubles are not forgetting that the brain handles the same areas of emotion and pain, so you will feel pain when you are worried or stressed.

Experts suggest that you take 10 minutes of “worry time” every day at noon, write down everything you have corrected, and think about how to solve it, and you can turn your attention from “guilty” to “action”.

  It can be seen that if you want to reduce the pain of the disease as soon as possible, you must first find the cause of the pain. The pain is caused by six reasons. Did you find the cause of the pain?