Sanyou Chemical (600409): Performance meets expectations and waits for large cycle inversion of viscose staple fiber This report reads: The company is a double-header of soda ash and viscose staple fiber. The current viscose staple fiber boom cycle is dragging down performance. It is expected that the industry or conversion will result in elasticity in performance and maintain an “overweight” rating. Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight rating. Due to the bottom of the industry’s economic cycle, the earnings forecast is lowered, and the EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0. 52/0. 71/0. 92 yuan (originally 0 for 19-20 years. 93/0. 98 yuan). With reference toRead More →

[Cream ice cream]_cream ice cream_how to do_how to do Ice cream is not common in life. Especially in summer, eating something that can clear away heat and relieve heat, it feels very cool immediately. Of course, the production of ice cream is indispensable for cream. The method of cream ice cream is introduced below. Ingredients: 4 eggs, 100 grams of sugar, 250 ml of cream, 250 ml of milk, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla powder, 300 grams of fresh fruit. Method: 1. Separate egg yolk from white. Add the vanilla powder and white sugar to the egg yolks and beat with an egg beater to formRead More →

Five Steps to Yoga Meditation Meditation, also known as the first method of yoga meditation practice, is very beneficial for the health of heart disease. Indian literature records: “Meditation meditation can reduce body pain, confusion, paralysis and other diseases; meditation for a long time can reduce delusions, calm meditation, and reduce worries or ignorance.   Yoga meditation or meditation sitting on it requires five steps of adjustment: First, adjust the diet: The body and diet have very important related activities. If the diet is not adjusted well, it will easily affect the body’s peace of mind. When we eat, we pass foodChew, enter the stomach toRead More →

Children eating fish should avoid “carnivorous fish” [Introduction]Children’s food safety experts remind children to eat grass-eating fish, catfish and other herbivorous fish as much as possible to avoid eating meat-eating fish.The location is also important.   Many parents think that children will become smarter by eating more fish, but in fact not every fish is suitable for children. Children’s food safety experts remind children that when eating fish, they should try to choose grass-eating fish such as grass carp and catfish, and avoid eating meat-eating fish.   At the “International Development and Disease Summit” held by the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University, Yan Chonghuai, deputyRead More →

horse Horse “hoof, Ma Bao” The horseshoe is the cuticle cut off when the horseshoe is nailed. Horseshoe nails, horse treasures, and horse milk are all used in medicine.   Sexual horseshoe: sweet, flat, non-toxic. Horse milk: sweet, warm, non-toxic. Ma Bao: Gan, salty, flat, non-toxic.   Horse milk: sugar, vitamin A, B, niacin, protein, aunt, etc.   Functional hoof nails to stop bleeding and stop banding. Ma Bao was shocked. Horse milk cures thirst.   [妇女月经过多,带下不止]  马蹄甲烧存性研细末,每服6克,一日2次,米汤送下。  [Diabetes, hunger and good hunger horse milk 2-3 cups, take 2-3 times a day.   [小儿癫痫,妇女癔病、惊厥]  马宝1-2分(小儿酌减),研细末,一日2-3次,凉开水送服。Read More →

Avoid harmful ingredients and choose cleansing products The basic composition of cleansing products: surfactants, co-surfactants, thickeners, fat rich agents (humectants), humectants, preservatives, pearlescent agents, flavors and functional additives. “Usually the surfactant is the most important ingredient in a cleansing product formula. It directly determines the mildness and foaming ability of the formula, so it is important to choose a surfactant. ”   ”Facial cleansing milk is divided into two categories. One is the saponification formula. The so-called saponification is a chemical substance produced by the reaction of various fatty acids and alkaline agents. The saponification formula is characterized by strong detergency. After cleansing, it gives peopleIRead More →

6 anti-autumn foods Health in September should follow the law of balance between yin and yang, so that the body maintains the principle of “yin and yang secret.” Spiritual recuperation is very important in the fall, because in the autumn there is a sense of withering, and people are prone to “sad autumn.” Therefore, we must cultivate optimism and keep our minds calm to adapt to the calmness of autumn. For example, when the weather is good, go out and enjoy the beauty of nature to solve the autumn worries.   September health is very important to prevent autumn dryness. On days when autumn is high,Read More →

锘? Ten bad sleep habits The original meaning of sleep is rest, healthier and more energetic life, but if you have the following ten sleep habits, then it is a big mistake! 銆€銆€1. Before going to bed, getting angry and angry before going to bed, the inevitable heartbeat is quick, the breathing is short, and the thoughts are so numerous that it is difficult to fall asleep. 銆€銆€2. Eat a full meal before going to bed, eat too much before going to bed, the stomach and intestines must be digested, the stomach filled with food will continue to stimulate the brain. If the brain isRead More →

锘? Medicinal chronic bronchial medicated diet in summer Older chronic bronchitis (commonly known as “old slow support”) is the most common condition in the elderly and is repeated every time the weather changes. In the cold season of autumn and winter, the incidence is especially intensified, while in summer, it is the relative remission period of the old chronic bronchitis patients. In the summer, proper drug adjustment and nutritional conditioning can do more with less. This is also the embodiment of Chinese medicine’s “treatment of the disease” and “winter disease and summer treatment”. 銆€銆€Modern medical research proves that the lung defense system is closely relatedRead More →