Make good autumn sun protection and whitening without leaving dead ends The season is coming in late summer and early autumn, and many mm may feel that the temperature is slowly decreasing, and the sun protection work can be relaxed. Big mistake, temperature and sun protection are not the same thing, sun protection in autumn is a serious battle. It’s easy to miss some dead spots. If not handled properly, it may lead to the consequences of sunburn on the skin.   The following is a summary of the common dead spots of sun protection in late summer and early autumn. What on earth have youRead More →

锘? Longing for a happy spiritual residence in Mombasa After the spiritual residence of Mombasa ended the internal Lobi trip, I went to the train station and bought a ticket to Mombasa. This is my second stop in Kenya and the most memorable stop. 銆€銆€”鍜斿搾” – “鍜斿棐” – the train is on, the sound is like a familiar song, reminding me of the touching Finnish film – “One-way ticket to Mombasa”, two sufferingThe terminally ill young people Jusa and Peter, in the last moments of life, with the yearning for Mombasa Beach, the pursuit of ideal life along the way makes them realize the meaningRead More →