Beauty and anti-cancer amphibious star: Coix Indica is a grass plant, also known as Coix kernel, Liugu rice and so on. Indica rice is one of the chronically ancient food and medicine. People have known about indica rice for a long time, and it is considered as a valuable traditional Chinese medicine for meals. It is widely used in medicated diet and is listed as one of the alternatives to the court.   Barley has higher nutritional value and contains protein13. 7%, aunt 5. 4%, cobalt 64. 7%. It contains much more protein than rice, and its surface is higher. The human body has all eightRead More →

Can’t ignore women’s nourishing yin and blood Poor health, nourishing yin, blood, and kidney, but do n’t take a lot of medicine and have health effects. Introduce 8 kinds of things for everyone, let you step in place!   1. Tonic-Longan stem is used for menopausal symptoms such as blood deficiency insomnia and palpitation caused by liver and kidney deficiency.   Longan wolf egg: 30 grams of longan meat and 20 grams of wolfberry. After boiling, add peeled cooked eggs and cook for another half an hour.   2, tonics-black beans are used for kidney dysmenorrhea, chronic kidney disease proteinuria.   Stewed pork loin with black beans and walnuts:Read More →

Small step to let the “Daqing Oilfield” also find the gospel If you have oily and dehydrated skin, I will give you these moisturizing suggestions.   Oiling is sometimes due to a signal of self-protection when the skin is dehydrated, causing the pores to expand, releasing more oil to protect the skin, resulting in excessive skin oil secretion. For such skin, cleansing, oil control, and hydration are all indispensable!   Suitable moisturizing method for mixed oily skin: 1. Use soapy cleansing products in the morning, focusing on gently massage the oily parts, and rinse off later.   2. Clean the skin with a cleanser at night. Gently massageRead More →

Benefits of nutrition for exercise 1. Reasonable nutrition can ensure the quality and effect of exercise. In order to meet the needs of oxygen supply during exercise, our body will undergo a series of changes. These changes can replace the improvement of our body functions, and can also cause the body’s nutritional status to occur.The changes are mainly manifested in excessive consumption of nutrients and increase in harmful metabolites. Therefore, reasonable nutrition is the material basis to ensure the effect of exercise and improve physical health, and timely supplementation of nutrition is particularly important during exercise.   2. Reasonable nutrition can promote physical recovery after exercise.Read More →

6-style yoga to easily get rid of your excess meat Want to get rid of the excess fat in the abdomen, in addition to paying attention to a balanced diet, and with some simple yoga exercises, aim at the easy position of the waist and abdomen, tighten the muscles, tighten, and then tighten, exercise for an hour a day,Reshaping beautiful lines is not difficult!   1 wind blowing tree style: practical, feet open with shoulder width, fingers interlocked. Inhale, tilt your palms in front of your chest, and tilt your arms up towards the spine; exhale, bend your spine to the right, and your arms follow.Read More →

Luscious toddler nutrition dishes Each ingredient has its own special flavor. Here are a few delicious, delicious and nutritious alternatives. They are not only good for sale, but children also love to eat them.   Ingredients for Maw Prawn: 250 grams of fresh shrimp, 75 grams of sesame, 100 grams of egg white, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar.   Practice: 1. Remove the shell of fresh shrimp, season with salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar (soak the sauce).   2. Remove the shrimp one by one, drag egg whites, and stick sesame seeds for later use.   3. Raise the pan, and when the pan is hot toRead More →

Love is not cherished until you have time It ‘s a blessing to find a loved one in the vast sea of people. Maybe it ‘s not as good as you think. It should n’t be worse, so know how to cherish blessings, cherish more care, and less blame.   If you know how to cherish, you will find that you gain more and more. If you blindly pursue, you will find that you lose faster and faster.   When a person is desperate, a way of venting is needed, but in the face of some things in life, we ca n’t grasp them with hard work.Read More →

How to use the hula hoop to lose weight The Hula Hoop is a simple and convenient indoor exercise that you can play anytime, anywhere. The hula hoop can help internal squirming, help digestion and defecation, better assist in slimming and actively help clear the body’s garbage and achieve a cosmetic effect!   But can the hula hoop really slim down? Aerobics coach Zhang Wei believes that to shake the hula hoop in order to achieve slimming effect, we must consider the following key points: 1. How long does it take to exercise?   Shaking a hula hoop is a systemic exercise that can achieve the effectRead More →

horse Horse “hoof, Ma Bao” The horseshoe is the cuticle cut off when the horseshoe is nailed. Horseshoe nails, horse treasures, and horse milk are all used in medicine.   Sexual horseshoe: sweet, flat, non-toxic. Horse milk: sweet, warm, non-toxic. Ma Bao: Gan, salty, flat, non-toxic.   Horse milk: sugar, vitamin A, B, niacin, protein, aunt, etc.   Functional hoof nails to stop bleeding and stop banding. Ma Bao was shocked. Horse milk cures thirst.   [妇女月经过多,带下不止]  马蹄甲烧存性研细末,每服6克,一日2次,米汤送下。  [Diabetes, hunger and good hunger horse milk 2-3 cups, take 2-3 times a day.   [小儿癫痫,妇女癔病、惊厥]  马宝1-2分(小儿酌减),研细末,一日2-3次,凉开水送服。Read More →

Interpersonal Handling Tips Open Everyone may wish to have a good relationship, but if you want to have a more friendly interpersonal circle, you have to learn how to deal with some basic relationships.   First, the interpersonal relationship and the daily business of the working company must be coordinated by all employees in order to smoothly develop. Therefore, in order to successfully complete the task, the supervisor must establish good interpersonal relationships with superiors, subordinates and other colleagues. Everyone gets along well, and without friction, the work schedule can be easily extended.   Therefore, as a supervisor, you must understand and master interpersonal skills and useRead More →