Acupressure massage is not terrible As soon as autumn and winter arrives, the cough patient is like entering a nightmare, treated every year, committed every year, endless cough, pain like chest and lung puncture, sticky sputum stuck in the trachea, breathless mouthful,The tortured lips turned blue, the fingertips became numb, and the heartbeat accelerated. .   In fact, the factors that cause asthma are very complicated, but one phenomenon is very common. In autumn and winter, the symptoms will worsen and even occur frequently. This has a great relationship with the season. Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are in charge of breathing and are coldRead More →

Can yoga prevent dark spots? The formation of dark spots is related to endocrine, and no one will associate it with yoga. So yoga can really help us prevent dark spots. Let ‘s learn some amazing yoga poses.   Prevention of dark spots Dark spots are mainly caused by poor skin melanin metabolism and deposition in the skin. Instead of leaving the natural spots, the spots that are acquired are mainly caused by ultraviolet radiation or reduced health. In general, the skin metabolism cycle is 28 days, and the normal phenomenon is that melanin will gradually transform and metabolize to the skin surface, and finally exfoliateRead More →

_1 Facial cleansing soap officially rejuvenates Today, beauty science and technology have completely improved the raw materials for making cleansing soaps. On the basis of retaining natural plant soaps, different skin beauty ingredients have been added according to the needs of different consumer groups-this brand-new cleansing soap,It combines moisturizing, anti-acne, whitening, and anti-allergy functions, and it also replaces a good foundation for subsequent skin beauty steps after thorough cleaning.   1. L’OCCITANE Teddy Bear Soap 90 yuan cute, vivid shape, pure plant ingredients added, safe to use without burden.   2. KORRES Echinacea Gentle Anti-Inflammation Soap 80 yuan improves oiliness and acne-prone skin conditions, while providing effectiveRead More →

Man forty is not confused. Pay attention to “more and less” A forty-year-old man is not only a flower, but also a hurdle. During this period, children grow up, the burden increases, and the pressure is unprecedented. The body is prone to problems at times. Therefore, men should pay attention to maintenance when they are forty years old: maintenance starts from muscles muscle exercise is an effective way to alleviate health problems. Muscle training includes endurance training, strength training and speed training. Middle-aged people should focus more on muscle flexibility, such as doing more pull-ups.   However, it should be noted that a single exercise cannotRead More →

Pain may be caused by 6 causes Introduction: Many people in life often yell for physical pain, then do you know the causes of pain? Chinese medicine reminds that pain is caused by six reasons!   Causes of pain 1: Not enough to make the sleeping body secrete growth hormone to relieve pain during sleep. A study in Sleep magazine found that people with long-term insomnia are three times more likely to suffer from chronic pain than others. Experts recommended the “3-2” fast sleep technique: first listen to three sounds (such as air conditioning, breathing, etc.), then imagine looking at something (such as blue sky, grass),Read More →

Constipation or diabetes eat more water spinach For constipation or diabetes, eat more water spinach. For constipation, water spinach is a good laxative detox. Regular consumption can effectively relieve constipation.   Nutritionists said that water spinach contains a large amount of cellulose and hemicellulose, pulp, pectin and other edible cellulose, which can promote peristalsis in the body and help food digestion. For constipation, it can effectively defecate.   In addition to laxatives, spinach has a detoxifying effect. According to a reporter’s review of related papers in China Journal Network, it was found that lignin contained in water spinach can increase the vigor of swallowing bacteria by macrophagesRead More →

Five Steps to Yoga Meditation Meditation, also known as the first method of yoga meditation practice, is very beneficial for the health of heart disease. Indian literature records: “Meditation meditation can reduce body pain, confusion, paralysis and other diseases; meditation for a long time can reduce delusions, calm meditation, and reduce worries or ignorance.   Yoga meditation or meditation sitting on it requires five steps of adjustment: First, adjust the diet: The body and diet have very important related activities. If the diet is not adjusted well, it will easily affect the body’s peace of mind. When we eat, we pass foodChew, enter the stomach toRead More →

Make whitening more than just whitening Sunlight is the label of summer, and whitening is also the topic of this season. But when “whitening” is no longer the only effect of whitening products, what can we expect from it?   Driven by the latest research in skin care ingredients and the continuous advancement of advanced technology, whitening is no longer a single abstract for Asian women. Letting races “whiten” is no longer the sole effect of whitening products. Looking at 2011, the era of multifunctional skin care for whitening +1 has arrived. Advanced technology and brand new ingredients replace whitening products with a more powerful mission-slowRead More →

6 Yoga Slimming Exercises What we are introducing here are 6 classic movements of yoga. Usually practicing on the floor at home can help you eliminate stress, maintain a calm heart, make you more flexible, better balanced, and the secret to maintaining weightarms.   1. Tree posture: Put your feet close together, start with the mountain posture, with your toes fully open and stretched, use your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles near your knee joints. Straighten your spine and raise your chest and back. Put your hands together in a prayer position, with your thumbs close to your body and your elbows flexed closeRead More →

Computer workers should pay attention to eye health Computer workers must pay attention to the health of the eyes, a very healthy method of health care.   ① Pay attention to the combination of work and rest to prevent tendon strain. Operating the computer for a long time can cause soreness and pain in the surgical knuckles, wrists, arm muscles, shoulders, alignment, chest and other parts. Therefore, the operator should take a 10-minute rest after one hour of work or do work exercises.   ② Pay attention to eye hygiene. The distance between the eyes and the document, and the distance between the eyes and the screenRead More →