7 ways to keep your meridians open

7 ways to keep your meridians open

Guide: Chinese medicine points out that qi and blood are essential substances for the survival of the human body, and meridians are responsible for transporting qi and blood, and run through the whole body, but if the meridians are disturbed, some organisms in the body will not get enough nutrients and the body will thereforeDamage, can be seen, keeping the meridians unblocked is one of the important conditions for good health.

So how to make the meridians unobstructed?

TCM recommends seven ways to keep the meridians unobstructed here for your reference: 1. Gently rub the ear wheels to clear the kidneys: hold the fist with both hands, and use your thumb and index finger to push Momo down on the ear wheel for 1 minute until the ear wheel is congestedheat.

Tips: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the whole body essence is collected by various organs and then delivered to the kidneys for preservation. The kidneys open to the ears and the ears are covered with whole body points, so massaging the ears can almost strengthen the kidneys and open the whole body points.

2. Comb hair to promote blood circulation: Use your fingers or a wooden comb to comb your head from the forehead to the back of the pillow and from the double-sided slender portion to the top of the head.
100 times, it is best to comb your hair in the morning.

Tip: All the meridians of the human body converge on the head. When combing your hair, you must pass through eyebrows, Tongtian, Baihui, Yintang, Jade Pillow, Fengchi and other 50 points. Acupuncture stimulation on these points can promote blood flow.Dredge the meridians.

3, lotus seat ligament: When sitting, bend your left leg, put the instep of your left foot on the groin of your right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently make up and down elastic movements several times to make it touch the ground; then change the rightfoot.

Tips: Adhering to exercise can help move multiple ligaments in the human body, so that muscles such as legs, abdomen, chest, and complications can be fully decomposed to keep the meridians open.

4, 5 words to adjust the breath to the five internal organs: every morning, inhale through the nose, exhale in the mouth, meditation: hush, oh, mouth four, blowing, exhaling words, do not speak.

Each vowel corresponds to a viscera: boo to the liver, hu to the heart, mouth to the lungs, blow to the kidney, and exhale to the spleen.

Tip: This is to regulate the breath to even out the breath and clear the five internal organs.

If you often say “hush” can nourish your liver and eyesight, and often say “huh” you can let go of your heart, etc. If you persist for a long time, it will have a certain effect.

5, three lines to relax the meridian: lie on the bed, divide the body into three lines, and relax from top to bottom.

The first line (both ends): top of the head-two ends of the head-two ends of the series-two shoulders-two upper arms-two elbow joints-two hands.

The mind stays 1 at the middle finger?
2 minutes; the second line (front): face-one segment-tibia-abdomen-two thighs-two knees-two calves-two feet back-ten toes.

The mind stays 1 on the toes?
2 minutes; the third line (back): hindbrain-occipital-two lower legs-two heels-two soles.

Will the thoughts stay in the heart of Yongquan 1?
2 minutes.

Tip: Minds relax along the meridians.

In fact, this is to push the blood and blood along the meridians and check the patency, which is effective for tired or insomnia.

6. Mint tea flavor sparse meridian: take 15 grams of dried mint leaves, 3 grams of green tea, and pour in 1500 ml of boiling water. After the taste is slightly cool, filter the residue and add a small amount of rock sugar, or wash the fresh mint leaves.Put it into a cup and pour it directly into boiling water.

Tips: There are European mint, green mint and apple mint for brewing tea, bitter and bitter, have stomach-invigorating, Tongluo effect, but mint is cool and not easy to take long.

7, the old loofah to guide the meridians: 1 old loofah, chopped and fried to slightly yellow, grind to fine, 10 grams each time, with hot water.

Tip: The old loofah is full of tendons, similar to the human meridian.

The old loofah qi is used to guide the body’s meridians to make qi and blood flow smoothly.