Is blood type related to health?

Is blood type related to health?

The healthiest blood type is actually this

Is blood type related to health?
The healthiest blood type is actually this

Does everyone know the relationship between their blood type and health?

Knowing your blood type will make it easier to treat your illness.

In an emergency, but do not know your blood type, treatment may be delayed.

Common blood types are: A, B, AB, O, and different blood types, which have some impact on a person’s health.

Let ‘s talk about the relationship between blood type and health. Let ‘s take a look!

  What is the relationship between blood type and health?

  The A blood group is a common blood type, which means that the blood contains A antigen, and if it is specifically analyzed, there is also the difference between A1 subtype and A2 subtype.

  It has been found in studies that people with blood group A have corresponding physical tolerance and are usually not susceptible to illness. However, people with blood group A are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and blood group A is likely to cause blood stickiness.

  In addition, people with blood group A have a high platelet adhesion rate, which may be accompanied by the occurrence of migraine.

Peripheral blood vessels are slowly regulated and may also be very sensitive to cold stimuli, which is prone to frostbite in winter.

  How to care?

  When the weather is cold, people of blood group A must keep warm properly. Through the decrease of temperature, the ability of peripheral blood tubules to contract is strengthened, and the immune system will be detached accordingly.

  While keeping warm, we must not ignore the protection of the stomach and intestines. It has been clinically found that 30% of patients with gastric cancer have type A.

  As far as diet is concerned, Xiaobian recommends that people with blood type A are best to eat more vegetarian food and less meat. This is because people with blood type A are rich in the metabolic ability of plant-based foods, but are more suitable for meat metabolism.

  If the B blood type is judged based on the personality of the character, the B blood type is completely different from the A blood type. The B blood type has a more distinctive personality, and the personality will even be rebellious. It has the characteristics of independence and initiative.

  In terms of health, people with blood type B are healthier than those with other blood types.

Of course, if an organ transplant is performed, the harm caused by blood group B is much higher than other blood types, and the disability rate and mortality rate are even as high as 28%.

  People with blood group B have reduced metabolism, but they will be affected by the lectin protein in the food, causing a slight accumulation and an excessive occurrence.

  Similar to blood group A, people with blood group B have a small digestive tract and are very susceptible to bacterial infection. Especially when the season is changed, if the warmth is not timely, diarrhea will occur.

  How to care?
  When absorbing food, we must pay attention to bacterial infection. Some food that is cold and left for a long time should not be consumed.

  In addition, when eating, animal proteins can absorb and digest better than plant proteins. If you can, eat more lamb.

  AB blood type In the opinion of doctors, AB blood type is also called “universal recipient”, which means that in emergency situations, any blood type can be entered. Of course, its safety factor has not been proven to be high recently.
  Having AB blood type means that there are two types of antibodies, A antibody and B antibody in the serum. Although they have the advantages of type A blood and type B blood, the disadvantages still exist.

As mixed blood, it can make the digestive tract very fragile.

  It has also been found in research that allergic diseases caused by AB blood group are the highest. In spring, special attention should be paid to catkins and pollen allergies.

Similar to other blood types, AB blood type is the latest blood type to appear, and the number is still increasing, showing that its ability to adapt is still possible.

  Through the introduction of the people of blood type B above, we know that they are prone to appear too much, and for people of AB blood type, they are also prone to appear too much.

  How to care?
  In life, we must pay attention to the implantation of dialysis to achieve positive weight loss, high blood pressure foods, do not eat more.

  In addition, you should also pay attention to allergens. If you are allergic to pollen, you should have less contact with flower buds. For food allergies, such as seafood allergy, eat less seafood.

  O blood type is above. When introducing AB blood type, we said that it is “universal blood recipient”. For O blood type, it is called “universal blood transfusion”, so in some novels, O blood type is said to be life-saving.blood group.

  In blood type O, there is neither A antigen nor B antigen on the surface of red blood cells. Red blood cells may be hemolyzed during blood transfusion.

  Life research has found that people with blood type O have a longer life expectancy than other blood types.

Of course, there will be some small troubles, and some small pains will continue to appear.

  Unfixed red blood cells will cause people of blood type O, the blood is thinner, and blood coagulates very slowly, which may affect thyroid dysfunction, and thyroid disease appears like this.  How to care?
  If you can, eat more meat and replenish your blood. Of course, lean meat is the main thing.

  It is not that these complications will occur with this blood type, but the corresponding prevalence will be higher, and people will better predict the onset of the disease.

This can prevent illness before it happens.