A new procedure to care for your skin


A new procedure to care for your skin

There are many skin care products on the market. To choose the right product, you must first understand your skin type, and then apply the right medicine.

  Your delicate skin is easily roughened by the dust of the city and the damage of cosmetics.

Therefore, while we are busy, we must take some time to care about our skin and choose skin care products suitable for our skin.

In fact, caring for the skin is not complicated. The skin care procedures introduced below are simple and effective. Together with various carefully developed skin care products, how easy it is to create a charming beauty

  The key to daily skin cleansing general skin care procedures is to be convenient and fast, and the effect is significant, especially today’s women are both demanding speed and beautiful.

Cleaning the facial skin is the most basic and important part. Its main purpose is to remove the toxins accumulated in the skin surface and pores in preparation for the next skin care step.

Wash the skin with clean water before using the cleanser, so instead of cleansing cream, soap, mouth curry or lotion.

It depends on individual skin characteristics and personal preferences.

The following products are recommended for different skin types.

  1. Dry skin is best to replace lotion and cream.

  2. Extraction of vegetable soaps for oily skin, foam emulsions and vulcanization are suitable.

  3. Sensitive skin According to the expert’s suggestion, it is necessary to add specially prepared skin products suitable for individual skin problems.

  Precautions Because the foam cleansing method is quick and easy, and refreshing, it is especially suitable for hot summer days.

When cleansing your face, gently massage the skin and then pour water to cleanse. This will promote blood circulation and re-oxidize the blood.

  The main effect of the cleansing mask is to remove the product hidden in the pores, and shrink the pores to make the skin smoother.

For skin cleansing, apply the mask 1-2 times a week at regular intervals.

Choose the mask you need to clean the surface and maintain the skin.