Facial cleansing soap officially rejuvenates

Facial cleansing soap officially rejuvenates


Facial cleansing soap officially rejuvenates

Today, beauty science and technology have completely improved the raw materials for making cleansing soaps. On the basis of retaining natural plant soaps, different skin beauty ingredients have been added according to the needs of different consumer groups-this brand-new cleansing soap,It combines moisturizing, anti-acne, whitening, and anti-allergy functions, and it also replaces a good foundation for subsequent skin beauty steps after thorough cleaning.


L’OCCITANE Teddy Bear Soap 90 yuan cute, vivid shape, pure plant ingredients added, safe to use without burden.


KORRES Echinacea Gentle Anti-Inflammation Soap 80 yuan improves oiliness and acne-prone skin conditions, while providing effective moisturization.


LA ROCHE-POSAY Nourishing Soap 78 yuan to maintain skin acid-base balance, children and the most sensitive skin can also be used.


Herborist refreshing beauty soap 35 yuan has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, astringing pores, inhibiting sebum secretion, and sterilizing and disinfecting.


Chanel Miss Coco perfume soap 250 yuan does not hurt the natural balance of the skin, has the function of softening water quality.

  The four key words of the new skin-care soap are moisturizing, which uses the cleansing soap’s lubricating and delicate, foam-filling properties. Glycerin, plant manure, and other natural water-locking ingredients are added to the soap to prevent the dry and tight feeling that is common after soap cleansing.

Because the soap body is a solid with a solid structure, there is enough space to store the essence of the water-locking ingredients, so that these essences melt with the water, and a solid water-locking film is quickly formed on the surface of the skin during a simple cleansing process to ensure thatSkin is smooth and supple.

  Anti-acne cleansing soaps with anti-acne effects now use weakly acidic soap bodies to inhibit the generation of bacteria in the pores, and can effectively control the water and oil balance on the face and reduce acne caused by pores.

In addition, the anti-acne cleansing soap will contain a suitable amount of salicylic acid, an effective ingredient for anti-acne.

The ultra-dense snowflake-like white and soft foam produced by the cleansing soap can penetrate directly into the depth of the pores, effectively removing the dirt in the pores and the aging sebum on the skin surface.

  The whitening essence contained in the whitening and whitening soap is mainly natural plant extracts and extracts of animal and plant extracts such as soybean protein and cow’s milk. These whitening parts are not easy to be stored in liquids, but can be contained in solids through special processed forms, thereby whitening soaps.Has a unique advantage.

Whitening soaps can also gently remove dead skin cells and accelerate cell metabolism. They release whitening ingredients more concentratedly than facial cleansers against blemishes and bleached skin, allowing the cleaning process to be more moisturized.

  The source of anti-allergic natural soap is usually natural plants with a cleaning effect such as soap pods. For the characteristics of sensitive skin, add the essence of Hanfang granules and other plants in the soap body, so that the foam is clean and delicate, without generating extra irritation.And gradually improve the skin allergy, and establish a protective layer for the skin that is invisible to the naked eye, which is most suitable for seasonal seasons.

  The new point of beauty soap is to combine traditional skin cleansing ingredients with modern beauty technology, and then re-lead the trend of cleansing soap in cleansing products. It has a variety of irreplaceable uniqueness with the proportion of cleansing milk that has replaced the mainstream of cleansing for a long time.The attributes make women more interested in buying. ● Because of the solid body of soap, a lot of brands of skin soaps have a beautiful appearance, such as cute bear shape, playful star shape., Even the luxurious rose type and so on, visually have unparalleled exquisiteness and luxury.

  ● Beauty skin soaps with added precious oils have a deep nourishing effect on the skin, and the fragrance from the soap body is also intoxicating.

  ● The ingredients of cleansing soap are mostly natural and non-pollution organic plant raw materials, which are mild to the skin and not irritating, and have the additional attributes of no pollution to the environment.

  ● Facial cleansing soap does not require extra carrying utensils, paper packaging can be recycled and reused, and the overall environment does not cause pollution, which has a positive significance for environmental protection.