[How to fry chestnut is delicious and fragrant_How to fry chestnut is delicious and simple_How to make chestnut delicious]

[How to fry chestnut is delicious and fragrant_How to fry chestnut is delicious and simple_How to make chestnut delicious]

Chestnut has the reputation of the king of thousands of fruits and the red dates, peaches, apricots, and plums that we usually eat are similar, and belong to a very healthy food. Although it is not a vegetable, it is not a fruit, it is a nut.However, it has a good effect on strengthening the spleen and appetizing, prolongs life and promotes digestion. There are many ways to eat chestnut.

How to make chestnuts good? Chestnuts are also called chestnuts. The sugar fried chestnut oil that we usually eat is smooth and bright, but when it grows on a tree, it is a “big spiny ball”.

Usually there are 1-7 chestnuts in a “big thorn ball”, but if you want to see their true appearance, you need to “adventure” to peel off the barbed coat.

Chestnuts have high nutritional value.

It can be eaten alone or cast together with other foods.

Chestnuts can provide a lot of thermal energy to the human body, and have the function of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen.

The content of starch in chestnut is also very high, and there are many vitamins and high protein content. In short, it is particularly nutritious and known as the “king of dried fruits”. It can effectively prevent and treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, and arteries.Cardiovascular diseases such as sclerosis are beneficial to human health.

Number of ingredients recipes: 925 (calorie) Main ingredients Chestnuts One pound Method / steps Every golden autumn season, the sugar-fried chestnut shops that have been dormant for a year are reloaded into the battlefield, and every time they pass, they will be attracted by the pungent sweet fragrance.Buy a bag and untie it.

There are many ways to make chestnuts, and here I will say the simplest.

First clean the chestnuts and throw out the bug eyes.

Wash the chestnut with water and salt. The salt has a certain disinfection effect. After washing, drain the water and put it in the pot to cook.

The water can pass the chestnuts.

Turn off the heat 5 minutes after opening the pot.

In fact, chestnuts are ready to eat now.


But it’s not easy to peel chestnuts.

You can drain the water after removing it and add electric baking pan to remove excess water.

Such chestnuts will not be very dry but will not lose the taste.

If you like the kind sold outside, you can cut the washed chestnuts into the oven for 6 minutes, then smear honey or brush with sugar water and eat them on Weibo for 5 minutes.

There are many ways to eat chestnuts.

These have to be explored slowly by individuals.

Here’s just one: Chestnut, Coconut, Millet Cake Ingredients: 250 grams of millet, 5 chestnuts, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of coconut.

Practice: 1 Soak the millet in cold water for half a day.

2 Shred the cooked chestnuts 3 Put some millet and ground chestnuts in some water and cook in a small rice cooker.

4 Put the white sugar into the cooked chestnut millet and stir well to form rice cakes.

5 Put the rice cake material into a deeper mold with a spoon, compact it, and then gently squeeze it out to form a millet cake.

6. Roll the row of millet cakes in the coconut, until the surface of the millet cakes is evenly covered with coconut.