Make whitening more than just whitening benefits_1

Make whitening more than just whitening benefits_1

Make whitening more than just whitening

Sunlight is the label of summer, and whitening is also the topic of this season.

But when “whitening” is no longer the only effect of whitening products, what can we expect from it?

  Driven by the latest research in skin care ingredients and the continuous advancement of advanced technology, whitening is no longer a single abstract for Asian women.

Letting races “whiten” is no longer the sole effect of whitening products.

Looking at 2011, the era of multifunctional skin care for whitening +1 has arrived.

Advanced technology and brand new ingredients replace whitening products with a more powerful mission-slow down pigmentation, repair DNA loss, reduce fine lines . 1 whitening + DNA repair The latest research found that DNA damage causes dull skin tone and agingOne of the most fundamental causes of clustering.

By repairing DNA, it can prevent the formation of melanin in the skin and help delay the appearance of aging phenomena such as wrinkles.

When the skin is exposed to the sun, in order to protect the DNA from ultraviolet rays, melanin in the skin begins to increase.

When such temporary protection is over, melanocytes (melanocytes) will return to normal function.

However, due to the continuous damage of ultraviolet rays or the slowing down of skin regeneration, the skin’s elasticity and moisturizing function are weakened, and the melanin recovery process will be affected, resulting in pigmentation.

When skin cells are exposed to external stress and stimuli, cellular DNA damage will occur, and this will also happen to melanocytes that affect the skin.

In response to this phenomenon, Dior discovered six special DNA damages after the cells were damaged, and found a way to repair these six DNA damages: the revolutionary patent S.




Complex (new oligonucleotide whitening factor).

This cutting-edge technology from Nobel Prize research incorporates the unique Anti-Sense technology in the beauty industry. It precisely acts on DNA, the true source of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, to provide deep nutrition for skin and repair DNA.So as not to damage it, it will make the skin fair and prolong life.

  2Whitening + Detoxification Antioxidant Our body will produce toxic oxidizing substances in the process of resisting external aggression and metabolism. Such toxic oxidizing substances are the active oxygen that causes the skin to produce wrinkles and stains.

Active oxygen is one of the main causes of wrinkles and pigmentation, and is considered by others to be a toxin that damages the skin.

Harmful substances entering the skin will increase the oxidative stress of the keratinocytes on the epidermis, which is a signal that is gradually transmitted to the melanocytes deep in the skin, eventually causing melanin to precipitate sharply and become dull.

Environmental pollution causes an increase in active oxygen content in the air, which mutates skin cells, which leads to excessive production of skin melanin.

Now, in the shadow of the global crisis of increasing environmental pollution, purification and detoxification and antioxidant effects have become another important additional content of whitening products!

GIVENCHY Whitening Intensive Care Essence firstly uses the powerful anti-melanin complex Dermo-Melannin Breaking Formula to effectively detoxify through 21 days of intensive care, promote cell regeneration and differentiation, so that the skin is white and translucent; HR is newly listedConcentrated Yan Qin White Moisturizing Emulsion contains pigments and deep-removing factors and vitamin C, which can effectively purify the skin, while moisturizing and cleansing the skin at the same time, balance the skin’s PH value and make the skin fresh and transparent.The patented CL-301 complex is added to Crystal Whitening Essence, which focuses on whitening and anti-oxidation, and gently prevents skin dullness.

LANCME brings together five kinds of natural plant extracts such as ginkgo and licorice to comprehensively purify the skin’s internal environment and promote the skin’s ability to self-regenerate, making the skin whiter and more delicate from the inside out.

  3 Whitening + fade aging survey shows that more than 30% of users of whitening products will have insufficient moisture while using whitening products, worrying about other skin aging problems.

To this end, major brands have successively introduced a one-step solution, linking whitening priorities with a series of gradual phenomena such as combating wrinkles and skin sagging, from adjusting skin protein distortion, reducing dry lines and fine lines, and removing yellow gas. LAUDER intensive whitening series, to la prairie caviar essence series containing precious and precious emperor-class golden mullet roe essence combined with anti-wrinkle and wrinkle, which can effectively improve skin elasticity and tenderness, and then form a “lifting film” on the skinThe sisley plant whitening and brightening essence, which makes the contours firm and fine lines lighter. Women who want to become fair, but also worry about wrinkles, overlaps and other traces of years. Now, you can easily and happily overcome the multiple deterioration step by step.trace!

  4 Whitening + Soothing and Anti-Stress Once, it was thought that the only cause of pigmentation was ultraviolet light, so all whitening products will focus on preventing UV damage.

With continuous research, more and more specific causes of dull skin and the formation of pigmentation are in front of our eyes, such as excessive tiredness and fatigue, huge mental stress, and so on.

When the human body suffers a lot of stress and fatigue, the skin’s resistance to external environmental stimuli will decline, which will cause a series of aging problems.

In response to this demand, IPSA has added Chinese rose extract to its peak beauty series. The dimethylbenzene contained in it has been proven to calm the skin and improve skin resistance.

Origins has also added a “herbal soothing and brightening formula” to its whitening and soothing series, using a series of precious herbs such as Japanese basil leaves, rosemary, and peony roots to block melanin, while soothing skin pressure and improving skin’sSurplus brightness.

The Predia Haiyunquan white series is supplemented with deep-sea Kapa algae extract, sodium alginate and kelp extract to brighten and enhance the skin’s own “physical strength”.

Only by making the skin “fighting” full, it can resist a lot of dullness and aging caused by strong stress and busy life.

  5 Whitening + Refreshing Oil Control Too much whitening product users will always have insufficient comfort in using the product-either too dry or too heavy.

Especially when the weather is getting warmer, the skin is more eager to breathe freely.

Even Korean actresses who have always been known for their “professional” whitening have been criticized.

Korean movie star Yoon Eun-hye once said that she couldn’t stand the stickiness of whitening essence when she talked about her beautiful heart Sutra, and sometimes she woke up with a greasy face.

Therefore, while pursuing whitening effects, she is most concerned about the lightness and freshness of whitening products.
Indeed, moisture is light and comfortable, and absorption is quickly becoming the appeal of more and more women.
The major brands that have received this information have also developed whitening products for oily and combination skin with a slight surplus.

Artistry’s Pure White series has launched two different types of whitening firming lotions and lotions with moisturizing formula and light formula for different skin types.

And Aqua Sprina’s newly developed Ning Shi Huan Whitening Firming and Controlling Essence will transfer the whitening weight to the prominent pores and surrounding skin in the T area, and regulate the obvious pores caused by excess sebum secretion and the dimness around the pores.

At the same time, effective whitening ingredients such as wheat germ extracts inhibit melanin formation and pigment precipitation, creating a clean and bright T-zone with no shine.