Food not to eat before fitness

Food not to eat before fitness

Food not to eat before fitness

Foods that should not be eaten before fitness, teach you to choose smart snacks before exercise.

  Remember that you do n’t need to eat a lot of food before snacking. If you eat a lot, then you may end up with colic and can only give up exercise.

Our advice: It’s best to eat only 150 calories.

  Avoid foods that can cause you flatulence A roasted sweet potato and a handful of nuts may be a good way to recharge your energy before exercise, but this food combination may cause bloating in your belly and keep you wantingfart.
If you know that certain foods can make you bloat, then this is not the best snack option before you exercise.

  Fiber foods are not recommended for high-fiber foods that can increase your acute peristalsis, but eating it before exercise is likely to make you run to the toilet.

Typical high-fiber foods are: corn, black beans, red beans, peas, avocados, whole wheat bread, pears, raspberries, broccoli, almonds.

  Choose a protein + protein package Protein is more energy-rich for your body than protein, so it’s best to make sure that the snacks you choose focus on carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrate foods are best because they are easier to absorb than complex complications.

  Indigestible food Hard and greasy food is difficult to digest. For example, if you eat two greasy glutinous rice balls before exercise, then if you eat half a snack in advance, they may also accumulate in your stomach to remind you.

  Choosing the right energy bars Most of the energy bars have a calorie content of 200-250, so you’d better eat only half before exercise, and then leave the other half to eat during the rest time after exercise.

  Timing is the best time to eat your snack within half an hour before exercise.