How to eat kumquat is the healthiest

How to eat kumquat is the healthiest


Vitamin C (80% of which is in the skin, so do not peel it if you eat it), vitamin P, has a good effect on preventing blood vessel rupture, reducing capillary fragility and permeability, and slowing down vascular sclerosis.

It is very beneficial for patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.


Two-way regulation of blood pressure The cypress powder in the kumquat peel and the clove substitute give SHR-SP rats an intravenous injection of 1mg / 100g, which can increase the blood pressure in rats; deoxyconiferol 4-B-glucose oxide, citrusRetinoids B, C, D and 6,8-diglucosylapigenin lower blood pressure, of which 6,8-diglucosylapigenin has a particularly significant antihypertensive effect.


Qi, phlegm, and hangover: Kumquat is fragrant and pleasant to the spleen, sweet and fragrant, and sweet and sour can produce Jin, has the effect of relieving Qi and stagnation, digestion and phlegm, Shengjin Liyan sobering.

It is a good food for those who have fullness in the hospital, cough and phlegm, thirst, and sore throat.


Huatan Sanjie, qi and analgesia: Kumquat nucleus is sweet and enters the liver, the lungs of the second meridian have the functions of qi stagnation, phlegm, and analgesic.

It can treat sore throat, disease, kidney qi, kidney pill swelling and pain, breast clumping and other complications.

Consuming kumquats often can enhance the body’s cold resistance and correct colds.

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Kumquat soup: 3 kumquats, moderate sugar.

Use a knife to pierce the kumquat peel, squeeze out the core, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar in the water, cook with gentle heat, eat kumquat soup, 3 times a day.

This soup has the effect of regulating qi and phlegm.

For cough, asthma, sputum and other complications.


Kumquat cake: 2500 grams of fresh kumquat, 2000 grams of sugar, 106 grams of salt, and 50 grams for Ming staff.

After the kumquat was washed, cut a few mouths one by one with a knife, immerse it in an aqueous solution prepared with common salt and alum, and inject it. The next day, remove it and drain it.Every 2 hours, make the salt and spicy taste go away; choose a suitable container, put a layer of kumquat and sprinkle a layer of sugar, use about 500 grams of sugar; put it in the pot after 5 days, add 500 grams of sugar, boilAfter boiling, change to simmer, wait for kumquat to suck up the sugar juice, and put it in a porcelain jar for later use.

This cake has the functions of regulating qi, eliminating digestion and removing rot.

Suitable for chest depression, indigestion and bad breath and other complications, taking 5-6 chewing clothes each time has a good effect.

It also has adjuvant treatment for those who have blood in the stool.


Kumquat honey wine: 800 grams of kumquat, 20 ml of honey, 1800 ml of wine.

First wash the kumquat, peel and distinguish, immerse it in the wine with honey, filter after 2 months, take the orange juice and mix with the wine.

Drink 20 ml each time.

This wine has qi and stomach analgesic effects, and can treat gastrointestinal disorders.


Kumquat powder: 49 kumquats.

The kumquat was washed and air-dried for 49 days, and the ground powder was dried for future use.

Take 6 grams each time, bring water to serve, 2 times a day, continuous serving.

This powder has the effect of nourishing the kidney and relieving the pain, and is suitable for treating enuresis in children with certain effects.


Nuclear Leaf Yinxiang Soup: 15 grams of kumquat kernels, 30 kumquat leaves, 10 grams of cumin.

The above three things were simmered and taken twice a day.

This soup has the effect of relieving qi, swelling and analgesic, and can treat kidney emphysema and pain.