Draw a line opposite to the opponent

Draw a line opposite to the opponent

Draw a line opposite to the opponent

Asan went to apply for a business executive at a cultural communications company.

  There are many applicants. After one interview and two written tests, Ah Shan and a man are left.

The personnel manager said to them: “Our company only needs an excellent business executive, but you have performed very well in our assessment, and it is difficult to separate them. Therefore, the company decided to give you two a fair competition opportunity-At the same time, you enter the probation period. The probation period is one month. The salary is paid according to the probation period. Whoever has a good business performance will stay.

In order to overcome her opponent, Asan was busy phoning, faxing, contacting customers, and even having a colleague to say hello to her. She didn’t have time to pay attention.

Once a colleague asked her questions, she said, “Did you see me busy?

“In order to surpass her opponent, she also hid her opponent’s materials, causing her to look for a long time.

  A month soon arrived and it turned out that her opponent was not her.

What makes her feel better is that her business performance is also good.

She didn’t understand and was not convinced: Why didn’t she surpass her opponent?

  When he returned home, his father looked at her face and asked her what was wrong, and she briefly described the course of the matter.

For decades, the father of the teacher pulled out a pen from his pocket and drew a 6-cm long line on the book, asking, “Ashan, how can you make this line shorter?

“” Will it be short if you erase it? ”

“She said her father shook his head and forbade her to use the eraser.

“Cut the line into sections, isn’t it short?

She also said that her father still shook his head and forbade her to use a knife.

“How do you do that?

She asked.

My father took the pen and drew a continuous line below that line, and said to her, “Now look at the original line again. How do you feel?


“she says.

  Father nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, it’s better to grow your own line than to wipe it off and cut off your opponent’s line.

Now you should understand why you did not beat your opponent!