Longing for a happy spiritual residence in Mombasa

Longing for a happy spiritual residence in Mombasa


Longing for a happy spiritual residence in Mombasa

After the spiritual residence of Mombasa ended the internal Lobi trip, I went to the train station and bought a ticket to Mombasa. This is my second stop in Kenya and the most memorable stop.

銆€銆€”鍜斿搾” – “鍜斿棐” – the train is on, the sound is like a familiar song, reminding me of the touching Finnish film – “One-way ticket to Mombasa”, two sufferingThe terminally ill young people Jusa and Peter, in the last moments of life, with the yearning for Mombasa Beach, the pursuit of ideal life along the way makes them realize the meaning of life.

銆€銆€My heart can also run on the train: watching the flashing Milky Way at night, the mind has taken off all the fatigue and defense, no concern, free to indulge your thoughts.

It was early morning to arrive in Mombasa. Although the weather was a bit sultry, the desire to explore did not diminish.

The ivory arch that was built to welcome Queen Elizabeth II in the past is a fusion of the ancient Mombasa, a gem that shines on the west coast of the Indian Ocean.

Arab, Indian, European and even distant Chinese culture blend in this magical land.

In the old wooden boards, you can find a variety of graffiti, such as from the observation of bin Laden.

Diversified beliefs and culture are the greatest charm of Mombasa.

銆€銆€On the streets of Mombasa, there is an ivory arch built to welcome Queen Elizabeth II. This is a gift from the Kenyans to the lord of the country. Walking on a labyrinth of roads, following the chanting of the aunt in the horn, one looks up and is in front of him.A green-top, white-walled mosque minaret, a gift from the Arabs to Mombasa; you can see 16th-century Italian-style buildings on the two-kilometre old street centered on the castle of Jesus.The top of the Hindu temple, and the cross on the Catholic Church in the distance.

銆€銆€The main body of the house here is made of masonry. The nature is also characterized by a wooden balcony with a wedge of wood. The carving is exquisite, like a flower basket hanging on a wooden board, which blends with the stone house to show its vitality.

Many houses are covered with moss, covered with wall paint, and the bluestone slabs under the feet have been stepped on and smooth. They have witnessed the vicissitudes of the years, similar to the yellowed pages, and they have been condensed into thick ones.

銆€銆€The roads of the ancient city are criss-crossed, and there is no need for a sense of direction in Mombasa.

The old man of India and Pakistan with a long beard on the side of the road, sitting peacefully in the bluestone panel in front of the door, bathed in the sunshine; the African teenager barefooted and smiling, showing his white teeth, like a happy elf;The young black man on the side of the road sat comfortably on the bucket he was carrying, and the sweat fell from his dark skin; at the end of the alley, an Arab woman in a black robe with long eyelashesThe only gap between the veil and the headscarf swings up and down, and the eyes are bright and deep, sparkling with mystery that cannot be seen through?


In an instant, it all seems to be still in front of me.

銆€銆€At the other end of the ancient city, there are shops selling crafts along the street, stalls selling fruits, vegetables and clothes, bustling crowds, and the sounds of screaming and returning to the reality from the dust of history. These ancient cities have not stopped, MombasaStill busy.

銆€銆€The one-way ticket to Mombasa is a Nordic-style movie that is simple and warm, harsh and hopeful.

I also found the feeling in the movie here.

Jesus Castle records the distant past. The southeast corner of the ancient city of Mombasa stands a magnificent old castle, the castle of Jesus, which has been eroded by the Indian Ocean’s sea breeze for more than 400 years.

It was built by the Portuguese colonists from 1593 to 1596. It is more than 100 meters long and 80 meters wide. It faces the sea to the south and east. It is covered with natural coral rock walls. It is easy to defend.The military fortress is undoubtedly guarding the port of Mombasa.

The walls are strong and thick, and there are still two ancient cannons at the entrance.

銆€銆€The castle is divided into several areas, the most perfect is the lookout area and the defense area.

There is a row of narrow holes in the wall for soldiers to place guns and fire. The arsenal of weapons is about five meters deep and has a special passage to move forward and backward.

There are also trial areas, conference areas, dormitories, cells, etc. in the castle, and all kinds of facilities are available, just like a country in the city.

Before Mombasa was the best entrance to the hinterland of Africa, its control has changed hands.

What I saw in the castle was a history of bitterness in Mombasa, Kenya and even Africa.

銆€銆€The latest building in the castle is a red-roofed house with more than 10 cannons in front of the door. When you walk in and see it, the objects displayed inside are basically porcelain from the 14th to 16th centuries in China.

According to the history secretary, Zheng He has been to Mombasa, the “slow eight sage” marked in “Zheng He’s nautical chart.”

銆€銆€Some paintings hang on the walls of the gallery’s outer gallery, and some of the paintings exaggerate the human feet.

I saw an old man posing, and went to inquire. He said: “It is because the foot records the way people walk, and it has deep abstract meaning.

“The old man said that Mombasa has retained a lot of historical imprints, recording the distant past, and its beauty is accumulated in history.”

銆€銆€When visitors pointed the camera lens at the mottled old building, they wouldn’t have thought that it had been soaked with blood and tears of the slaves for centuries.

銆€銆€Both Mombasa and California’s Zanzibar were slaves to trade at the time. The black slaves left Mombasa, meaning that they would leave the African continent forever and greet the fate of the unknown in a small, compact cabin.

The beaches of Mombasa have made many people look forward to the history of the soul station. The pictures of the history of the station have been turned over and over in my mind. Unconsciously, I have slipped to the beach, white and snowy, and the sea is clear and blue.

I sat quietly on the stone bench in the sea to listen to the sound of the waves. The waves beat the stone shore, just like the mother patted the baby in her arms, and the lovers pressed each other’s shoulders.

I suddenly found a piece of blue and white porcelain that had just been washed up on the beach.

This ancient piece of porcelain is probably what was left when the Chinese fleet passed through Mombasa hundreds of years ago.

銆€銆€A few naked children on the shore jumped into the sea again and again. Their dark skin and exposed body were particularly conspicuous in the sea of waves. The cheerful laughter was blended into the spray, synthesizing the most natural and beautiful.Notes.The lighthouse in the distance stands quietly there, overlooking the fishermen who go out to sea, guiding the lost travelers and guarding the homes under their feet.

銆€銆€The beautiful scene of the movie “One-way ticket to Mombasa” once again appeared in front of my eyes. The beauty that is longing for the soul is not somewhere or someone, similar to some kind of touch, Mombasa gave meThis feeling.

There is no race, no nationality here; no nobleness, no scorn; no success, no failure; only a heart that is free from the dust, you can freely and freely think about freedom, quietly and peacefully listening to your innermostsound.

銆€銆€People are always busy, often tired, and it is a good choice to stop at a small station like Mombasa.

Mombasa’s English is Mombasa, which means “war island”, but I made it my own interpretation: mom means mom, ba means dad.

Although this is a far-fetched association, at this time it is the most suitable for my mood: Mombasa – the home of the soul.

銆€銆€In the final scene of the film, the protagonist and his band played the theme song “Mombasa” again for his friend. This reads: I feel the hot and humid of Mombasa Beach. I spent a day in Mombasa, only one day.But since then, I will always remember Mombasa.

In fact, the protagonist in the movie has never been to Mombasa. This place is just the other side of their hearts. It is also a kind of happiness.

But those who have been to Mombasa will not easily forget it.