Beyond nature!

Green Beauty Products


Beyond nature!
Green Beauty Products

Green always evokes people ‘s desire for nature. Among the products that save beauty, there are green people who make beauty take nature more than nature, and make skin beautiful like a pleasant afternoon tea, in a warm and freshEnjoy the beauty.

  Refreshing skin-friendly green plant The green herbaceous plant has very small molecules, and the product particles are more delicate, with natural fragrance and no fragrance. After use, the skin looks smooth and delicate, like silk satin.

It can form a slightly acidic protective film on the surface of the skin, isolate bacteria, sunlight and pollution, and become a new generation of protection for the skin.

Moisture, health, freshness, and green naturally become the key words of skin beauty, among which the natural green herbal skin care products have a natural contribution.

  The raw materials of genuine natural plant skin care products are very demanding. It is required that no chemical drugs, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. that harm the natural ecology are used in the process of plant growth, so as to avoid harmful substances in the raw material extract in the future.

At present, Europe’s largest natural plant extraction base is in Provence in southern France.

Others are botanical gardens planted by large cosmetic companies, and some in Africa are still pristine and natural, identifying places of contamination.

For people living in this highly developed, stressful and environmentally polluting city, the use of green and pure natural ingredients is a way to return to Ziguizhen and pursue a pure lifestyle.The efficacy is gradually improved and is recognized by people. It also brings people a feeling of purity and serenity, just like a quiet afternoon tea in the afternoon.

  The green plant products currently on the market probably contain the following four categories: 1 Natural flowers and plants: Natural herbs with excellent permeability are characterized by safety and reliability.

Generally, pure herbal formulas do not contain any chemical ingredients, and even the colors and fragrances in the products are derived from plants. They are essentially different from the large pores of animals. The delicate herbs are very small and are applied to the skin.It has a silky satin feel. After use, it will form a slightly acidic protective film on the surface of the skin. It isolates bacteria, sunlight and pollution, and eliminates the skin’s acid-base imbalance.

  At present, the natural maintenance ingredients of herbal plants have been developed and extracted by major maintenance brands, such as ginkgo, ginseng, licorice, rosemary, sage, mulberry root, avocado, saxifraga, etc., because of their heat-clearing and detoxifying properties,Sedative, soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, etc., so it becomes a therapeutic ingredient.

Scientists predict that with traditional formulas, coupled with modern high-tech technology, herbal skin care products will lead the 21st century maintenance trend.

  Green product introduction: 1.


H2O + Vitamin C Essence Cream RMB580 2.

Kose pure muscle essence RMB320 3.

Biotherm Hot Spring Water Element Activation Essence RMB490 4.

Herborist Moisturizing Long Lasting Spray RMB100 5.

Dew Flower Live Orange C Whitening Moisturizer RMB228 6.

Olay Renewing Night Cream RMB179 7.

Tongren Herbal Whitening Moisturizing Toner RMB52 8.

Arden Antioxidant Moisturizing Protective Milk RMB560 2 Polar Plants: Comprehensive Defense Deep Repair Scientists have discovered that the fresh and verdant green plants grown under harsh environments can face hot deserts and cold waters, or mountains that are not melting all year roundThe harsh environment, which survives in the extreme, must have excellent resistance, and the natural ingredients extracted from these plants will certainly help the skin to resist environmental damage.

Therefore, the scientists integrated the excellent ingredients of these polar herbs into skin care products and developed them into skin care products that resisted the harsh environment of the royal family. While comprehensively defending, it also easily repaired the skin.

  Green product introduction: 1.

Biotherm Deep Purifying Beauty Liquid RMB280 2.

Magnolia Oil Smoothing Cleansing Milk RMB24 3.

La Roche-Posay Soothing Spray RMB100 4.

?H2O + Hydrating Firming Day Cream RMB450 5.

Herborist Firming Firming Eye Cream RMB230 6.

Tongren Herbal Hydrating Mask RMB112 7.

Vichy slimming beauty cream RMB278 8.

Clarins Rejuvenating Firming Serum RMB580 9.

Lancome refreshing vitality body oil (new product) 3 green tea way: delaying aging has a wonderful effect Recently, the most popular maintenance ingredient abroad is green tea.

Although it is not a newly discovered ingredient, it has surprised the cosmetics industry.

People regard green tea as a healthy food for the skin. Green tea is rich in concentrated polyphenols, which can inhibit free radicals from damaging the skin’s supporting fibers. It is widely recognized today as the most effective anti-free radical factor.
  Green tea is a good adjuvant treatment for the dark circles that you visit suddenly.

You can put the drunk tea bag in the water tank for a while and chill it out and apply it on your eyes for 20 minutes. The dark circles will be relieved.
  Green product introduction: 1.

Lancome Moisturizing Essence RMB480 2.

Clinique Hydrating Moisturizing Cream RMB460 3.

Clarins Firming Essence RMB580 4.

?H2O + Oasis Curry RMB390 5.

Lancome Refreshing Firming Toner RMB250 6.

Herborist Nourishing Mask RMB60 7.

Herborist skin lotion RMB100 8.

Revlon Green Tea Cleansing Milk RMB28 9.

Colleague’s Herbal Anti-Wrinkle Firming Nourishing Water RMB53 soothes the skin-plant’s secret smell. The relationship between memory and emotion is very close. It can become a chain network that affects our physiological response. When we smell variousThe different odors emitted by plants will cause the brain and the body to react and even change the physiological condition. This is because the sense of smell is soothing the cells.