Acupressure massage is not terrible

Acupressure massage is not terrible

Acupressure massage is not terrible

As soon as autumn and winter arrives, the cough patient is like entering a nightmare, treated every year, committed every year, endless cough, pain like chest and lung puncture, sticky sputum stuck in the trachea, breathless mouthful,The tortured lips turned blue, the fingertips became numb, and the heartbeat accelerated.

  In fact, the factors that cause asthma are very complicated, but one phenomenon is very common. In autumn and winter, the symptoms will worsen and even occur frequently. This has a great relationship with the season. Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are in charge of breathing and are cold with the outside world.Vapor flow, when the human body suffers from cold and cold wind, the damaged trachea and alveoli worsen, and respiratory diseases are most likely to occur, such as cough, old chronic branch cough, and flu.

  In severe cases, shortness of breath and chest tightness may occur, shortness of breath, dizziness, and emphysema and pulmonary heart disease.

  In fact, cough and depression are two different symptoms. Simply put, coughing with sputum is depression, and depression with sputum is depression. In the clinic, there are many sputum sounds and it is difficult to separate them, so they are collectively called cough.

  TCM believes that “the five internal organs and six organs are coughing,” so coughing is very common.

However, with the same cough, the symptoms are not the same. Some dry cough has no sputum, some cough has yellow sputum, some are accompanied by sore throat, and some are accompanied by ringing in the throat.

These problems can be solved by acupressure.

  (1) Cough, phlegm, yellow, and phlegm yellow are evidence of lung heat. Of course, the selected acupuncture point should have the effect of purging the lungs. The fish is the acupuncture point of the lung meridian of the hand yin.Acupoints have the effect of purging the lungs.

  The Yuji acupoint is located at the midpoint of the big fish acupoint of the palm, close to the edge of the first metacarpal. When this acupoint is clicked, the thumb must be erected with a fingertip to press firmly, which is more prone to a noticeable acidity.

  Shao Shang is the last acupuncture point of the Taiyin Lung Meridian.

At 1 inch, the heat in the lungs can be relieved.

Because the acupoint area is narrow and difficult to use, it is normal to use nails to press, the pain is worse than other acupoints, and even a burning pain will appear.

In addition to pressing, you can also use a triangular prism to pricking blood, and the pricking method can also treat sore throat. It is particularly interesting at which point the blood is stabbed. At the same time, the sore throat on the ipsilateral side will be significantly relieved.
  Note that the two acupoints must be heavier when stimulating, because the gentle method is supplementary, while the heavy stimulation method has a diarrhea effect.

  (2) Dry cough and itching Dry cough or sore throat is often a manifestation of insufficient lung yin. Cough should be treated during treatment, and yin should also be nourished. The former cures the symptoms and the rest cures the symptoms.Tongzhi method.

  Lie deficiency is a collateral point of the lung meridian, and its effect is to relieve cough, so when a simple cough has no other symptoms, just pressing Lie deficiency can relieve the symptoms of cough.

How to find this point?

Cross the tiger’s mouth with both hands, straighten your wrist, and point your index finger to the side of the wrist. You can feel that there is an obvious slender crack on the bone below the index finger. This is the column missing point.

Because the defect is located in the narrow bone gap, the thumb needs to be erected and pressed with fingertips during treatment.

Every 3-5 minutes, 5-10 times a day.

  Zhaohai is the acupuncture point of the kidney meridian of the foot, Shaoyin. In the function of the five internal organs, the lungs mainly breathe, while the kidneys mainly breathe, which is induced by qi, and when the kidney qi is insufficient, there are many adverse symptoms such as cough and wheezing.

In addition, the two points of Lie Que and Zhaohai are the intersection of eight pulses. Lieqiu is connected to Renmai, Zhaohai is connected to Yin spine veins, and the two odd sutras converge at the throat. Therefore, the two points form a pair of classics.The combination.

How to take Zhaohai?

Follow the internal incline and sharply press down gradually to the end of the internal offset. You can feel that there is an obvious bone gap here, which is Zhaohai Point. Press it with your fingertips, 3-5 minutes each time, 5-10 daily.Times.

  (3) Cough and white phlegm are typical of cold and cold coughs, which usually occur in winter. They are characterized by cough, itching, thin sputum, thin white sputum, nasal congestion, runny nose, and white tongue coating.Strengthen the ability to resist cold.

  When you lower your head, you can feel the strongest high bone behind the neck. Below this high bone is the large vertebral body acupuncture point, where all the yang meridians of the human body overlap and yang is gathered.

Rub the Dazhui acupoint behind the neck with the palm of your hand, with the degree of skin heat and redness, to help invigorate yang and resist external evils.

If you can take a hot bath, flush the area with hot water. Even if you only meet the large vertebrae with a hot towel, you can resist the cold.

  Of course, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine are to treat the disease, and it is better to put an end to the disease completely when the disease is solved.

If you want to solve the cough problem fundamentally, you still have to start daily and take good care of your lungs, which is millions of times better than any effective treatment.


Lung dryness in food therapy is Qiu Xie, which easily damages the lungs and consumes lung yin. Therefore, in the autumn, pay attention to food therapy to nourish the lungs, nourish the lungs, lotus seeds, coriander, fish maw, honey, etc.Pear soup, Sydney cream, lily lotus seed soup, yam lotus seed soup, yam yam soup, etc. also have the effect of nourishing yin and lungs, may wish to eat regularly.


Drinking water to benefit the lungs In the autumn, drink at least 500 ml more water than in other seasons in order to maintain normal humidity in the lungs and respiratory tract.


Massage the lungs and sit upright, with the lower back naturally upright, the eyes closed slightly, relax, hold both hands into empty fists, and slap the center and sides of the spine 30 times each.

When backing, you must go from the bottom to the top, then from the top to the bottom.This method can open the air in the chest, pass through the spine and meridians, and have the effect of strengthening the lungs.


Exercise and lungs The best way to strengthen your lungs is proper physical exercise.

According to different people’s preferences and physical differences, choose appropriate exercise methods, such as jogging, walking, playing Tai Chi, gateball, practicing qigong and so on.


Xuanfei Xuanfei smile is often a “good medicine” for treating all diseases and a “spiritual” for promoting young organs in the body, which is especially beneficial to the lungs.

When laughing or singing, the pectoral muscles contract, the thorax expands, and the vital capacity increases, which can promote gas exchange in the lungs, thereby eliminating fatigue, depression, annoyance, and improving physical strength and energy.