How to cure your problem employees

How to cure your problem employees

As a manager, there should be a responsibility and an obligation to explore the deep roots of the problems of these “problem employees”, so as to make a “diagnosis” in a timely manner, prescribe a “medicine,” and implement management in the right direction, with good means and effects.mode.

  Many companies have “problem” employees with different processes. These employees are distributed in various parts of the team. Although the number is not large, it is enough for the team managers to be “worrying”. Their presence makes managementIf they are “throating their throats”, they have to devote more time to “coping” these “problem” employees: that is, “dictatorship”, that is, “confinement” or “elimination” of these difficult “problem” employees or jobs; that is,”Committing to injustice” and “opening the net” means opening up one eye and closing one eye to these “problem” employees, and sometimes even “too much soil on the head of the old man” also tolerates.

  However, the author believes that the above two management methods are not ideal and effective management methods. As a manager, they should have the responsibility and the obligation to explore the deep roots of the problems of these “problem employees” in order to make “Diagnosis “, prescribing” prescriptions “, implementing the management mode in the right direction, with good means and effects.

  1. Psychological imbalance symptoms are psychological imbalances caused by the comparison of similar things or things around them.

For example, some salesmen have an imbalance in their minds when they see that their colleagues at the same level have become their bosses. Therefore, they often give mismatches or “troubles” in their work.Inferior to their own “derogatory” comments, etc., thus becoming a “problem employee” in the eyes of the boss.

  Everyone has the jealousy of a prescription.

For such “problem” employees, we must be able to put down the shelf and be “buddy” first, so that the unbalanced subordinates can find a sense of balance.

The leader must not be allowed to stand before him.

It only leads to “make friends first, then be superior”, and often give appropriate praise or “mentions” in public, especially when they are not on the scene, and it will be better to be able to pass into their ears.The method of “respect” and “sparseness” is sometimes more convincing and easier to feel friendly and respectable than directly adopting the method of “blocking”, that is, detaching or “killing.”

  2. Habitual symptoms are their own “problems” caused by personality factors.

For example, some employees, due to their inherent habits, usually have a lazy work style, procrastination, and cynicism, which is also a reason for the formation of “problem” employees.

  As for managers who have bad habits but have a set of “problematic” employees in the business, as a manager, the prescription must carry forward the style of “passing belts” and change the rude customs in order to keep pace with the team.

The main effective method is to use “family law”, that is, the system and regulation constraints. Of course, this requires managers to “be upright” first, to be right.

Through “killing chickens and monkeys”, by motivating employees who are backward and have bad habits.

For employees who do not have potential but are full of evil, they need to “knife sharp”, a word of “kill”.

Only in this way can we serve the purpose of alerting others and purifying the team.

  3. Some lower-level salesmen who rely on the old and sell the old symptoms because of the time reorganization of the market, so after the sales performance is very good, they start to feel complacent, disdain anyone, and the preference of corporate leadership performance, they do not put the boss onIn the eyes, it has become a “problem” employee.

  For this kind of employees, the prescription of medicine needs to be cautious, because such “problem” employees, because the “city” is often deep, and sometimes even “moves the whole body”, therefore, it is necessary to adopt certain strategies and skills.

First of all, we must understand how to promote first and then suppress, that is, we often need to give their identity reminders by seemingly praise, but in fact “there is something in the words”; secondly, by “compression-driven”, “high” their sales indicators and strive to make themDo better, give it more room for challenge, and give more opportunities for improvement.

Finally, it is provided with a gray “show” platform to satisfy its desire for expression.

For example, take the opportunity to train your team members and make them present, both to satisfy their desire to perform and to express your awareness and expectations.

Of course, “business veterans” who dare to challenge the system and regulations must not be allowed to let themselves go and let them go. Instead, they should bravely take up the “whip” of the system and punish them severely.

  4. Some employees who have fearless symptoms may feel that “someone is good at office”, relying on their friends and relatives to hold important positions in the company or the department. Therefore, they ignore their bosses and are not cold or hot at work.Become a family of “problem” employees that are difficult to manage.

  Such “problematic” employees in medicine are more common in private or private enterprises, and they need to be “diagnosed and treated” in order to treat the “ignorance” with “the right medicine”.

The commonly used methods of diagnosis and treatment are: first of all, “preach” to them, that is, the basic principles and principles of being a human being; resetting humility and advocating etiquette is a virtue of being a human; give up stubbornness and ignorance.

In fact, it is necessary to guide them to establish mid-, long- and short-term work goals through the convenience of work, to stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and to develop an independent work and life style instead of relying on others.

Through the above two methods, the existence of the “problem” employees can be cured.

  5. Symptoms of working out of favor are those who are demoted due to the change or removal of their superiors, or because they are not able to work well, and they are demoted to become psychologically problematic people.

For example, the regional manager of a beverage company that the author once served has been demoted and used due to the alternating performance. In the face of the newly appointed boss, the regional manager who once had a glorious mood was so depressed that he met his boss everywhere at work.Do the right thing and become a “problem” employee.

  The out-of-favor job of the prescription is a key factor that causes some “problem” employees. If this type of employees “dispose” their “talk”, they can communicate and communicate with each other heartily.

We must first point out its previous “brilliant record” and its contribution to the company, and then point out the reasons for its “out of favor”, analyze its operational errors, and finally help him correct his work plan and tell him “fromGet up wherever you fall “, encouraging him to re-establish the courage to create greater glories.

  6. Symptoms of family failure. Individual employees suffered psychological disturbances due to unforeseen or divorced families. As a result, their “heart troubles” were heavy and “heart diseases” became infected with work.

For example, some business people are missing their families, getting divorced, or having trouble at home, etc., but their moods are unstable, they are not motivated to work, they are irritable, and irritable, which leads to reduced sales and work problems.

  Due to family reasons, prescriptions have affected their work and become “problematic” employees. There are a lot of things in the work. As a good manager, you must be able to “compassionate on the people”, and be aware of the subtleties of employees in time.Change, so that they are anxious, think what they think, and truly be their “intimate people” and “caring people”, and do their best to help them.

For those who cannot help, the scale, and those who are powerless due to economic and other factors, they can report to the company or their bosses in time, so as to discuss a good countermeasure, help them overcome difficulties, and let them appreciate you from the heart.Letting them follow the team can also enhance their cohesion, centripetality, and loyalty to the business.

  7. Symptoms of stress are too high due to the high goals of work goals, or the indicators issued exceed their actual ability to bear, resulting in an overwhelming psychological burden, anxiety, negative thinking, and people feel “problems”.

  Expectations for subordinates increase, and the pressure on subordinates is often put.

For example, in the daily sales management, sometimes the sales goals are set too high, which will lead to the inevitable effect of the material, so that the salesman will have a rebellious psychology, and bring a lot of “trouble” to the manager, thus, “soft resistance” and passive idle, “Broken Jars”.As a good manager, not only will you “compress”, but you must also be able to “decompress” your subordinates in a timely manner. There are two ways to do this. One is to teach, that is, to teach your subordinates the methods, skills, strategies, and provideThe necessary support to better achieve their goals and relieve them of stress.

The second is to dispel doubts, that is, to relieve their psychological distress based on their psychological crux, so that they can receive spiritual and intellectual support, thereby inspiring subordinates’ confidence and alleviating their inherent urgency and pressure.

  8. The tooth for tooth symptom is misunderstood by the boss as “unfair” and has a prejudice against himself, and the “accumulation of grievances” is quite deep. In some occasions, he accidentally hits the boss to express his grievance.

For example, some business people think that the sales goals set for themselves are unreasonable and provide themselves with few promotion opportunities. They always treat their bosses with “cold eyebrows”, thus putting themselves on the hats of “problem” employees.

  As a manager, the “problem” employees of the prescription caused by the misunderstanding of their subordinates must be able to give the subordinates tolerance and tolerance with a broad mind, and must be able to open up and truly listen as “brother”.The voice of subordinates, feel their work and life, so as to give them more understanding and support, instead of “repaying for teeth”, “revenge” and “crazy suppression” of subordinates, as a manager only realized with subordinates “Communication between heart and heart can “problem” “surface” and “problem” employees have no psychological problems.

For the management of “problem” employees, it is most forbidden to “indiscriminately kill” and “kill them with a split”, thereby intensifying conflicts and sweeping away their authority as managers, and even making the entire team “internal”In the end, as a good manager, as an excellent manager, one should be able to resolve the internal contradictions of the team in a timely manner and find a way around the “problem”. It can not only adhere to the principle, but also better show the scope.