Can Yoga Prevent Dark Spots?

Can yoga prevent dark spots?

The formation of dark spots is related to endocrine, and no one will associate it with yoga.

So yoga can really help us prevent dark spots. Let ‘s learn some amazing yoga poses.

  Prevention of dark spots Dark spots are mainly caused by poor skin melanin metabolism and deposition in the skin. Instead of leaving the natural spots, the spots that are acquired are mainly caused by ultraviolet radiation or reduced health.

In general, the skin metabolism cycle is 28 days, and the normal phenomenon is that melanin will gradually transform and metabolize to the skin surface, and finally exfoliate with the keratin.

Melatonin can be found in cucumber, banana, eggplant and other foods.

The effects of vitamin fading, pigment removal, and skin beauty are also significant. For example, vitamin A and vitamin E can prevent nerve cell aging, promote blood circulation, regulate hormone secretion, inhibit skin aging, and make the skin smooth.

The following yoga poses prevent dark spots.

  From the mountain to the forward bend of the tip 1, spread your feet together, lift your toes, and let the body’s weight be evenly distributed on the soles and heels. After the body is balanced, put your toes back on the floor and breathe deeply with your nose.

This is the mountain style.

  Note: Imagine you are being pulled towards the ceiling by a wire tethered to your head; your weight is evenly distributed on your feet.

  2. Inhale, the carbon dioxide gently tilts away from the body side and rises until the two palms are closed above your head.

Look up, pay attention to your fingers, let them fully guide your body to the ceiling, and squeeze upwards.

  Note: Close your hands when your lungs are full of air; look upwards, but do not bend backwards.

  3. Exhale and bend forward from your chest.

If necessary, bend your knees.

Your fingertips touch the floor on both sides of your toes, with your chin on top.

  Note: The chin is retracted slightly inward and fully stretched as you bend forward.

  4. Inhale, keep your fingertips on the ground, lift your upper chest, and try to straighten your legs, but don’t force it.

Exhale and return to step 3. Inhale and return to step 2.

  5. When exhaling, put your hands back on your body and pay attention to distributing your weight evenly on your feet, hips and shoulders.

  Repeat the entire process 5 times without pauses.

  Efficacy: Promote blood circulation, regulate hormone secretion, and make skin smooth.